Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Happy St Patrick's Day

Today I got all dolled up and wt outside for a St Patrick's Day photoshoot
My dress is made using a pillowcase and a fairy skirt my mom sewed for me, my head band is a rainbow loom bracelet

Hey if you like these photos I have put some of these in a the  Doll Diaries St Patrick's Day Party you can see them and other awesome dolls in green here  http://dolldiaries.com/happy-st-patricks-day-4/

Update: I recently checked Doll Diaries and it turns out the pictures I sent in were not on the site despite me sending them in early in the day.(9:00 AM approximately), but you can enjoy those pictures here, and hopefully things will work out the next time I enter one  these "Virtual Parties"

Saturday, 14 March 2015

School Photos class

Here are some photo that were taken for my mom's school photos class.
Most of them feature the minis Izzy and Grace, because they are the perfect size for carrying in her camera bag when  they go on field trips. This not a photo shot, but a photo dump.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hi Friends

Soooo Sorry, my mom's school is doing a photography class and that means. countless photos up to her eyeballs! 
That means blogging may be only a pic here and there which is pretty good. 
Her camera only holds a few photos at a time ...........
I could go on forever but I thought best not to bore you 
Sorry Sarah

Saturday, 3 January 2015

AG Wishlist



 This is BITTY BABY but I hear they fit ag and this a lot of clothes!

 Love it! especially the apron! and the mix and match potential 

 My mom loves this because Rebecca looks like her and they both share a passion for theater NOTE this is NOT for the doll it's for her meet outfit which is sold separately. 
 Me and the girls neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more shoes!
So cute !
 2 in one 1 cheer gear that means twice the outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the things I have on my AG wishlist, But at AG I need to only get one of these items because money does't grow on trees. Actually if you have a fruit tree and you can sell fruit you COULD make money grow on trees and also money is made from trees!

Silly Sarah

Crissa vs Grace Grace and Crissa COMPARISON

So AG Crissa is gone but, her French cousin Grace Thomas is here!!!!!!
Okay so Crissa and Grace are NOT cousins but they could be related because they look so much alike

Grace Thomas GOTY 2015-FRECKLES, Blue eyes, LIGHT Brown hair with side BANGS. 

Crissa Maxwell- DARK brown hair , blue eyes.
Crissa basic 2 piece meet outfit 

So it's obvious that I prefer Crissa and I think AG needs to make more girls who stand up for things like bullying homelessness and poverty, than those who just bake and promote a $500 DOLL SIZED bakery!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

This year is over!!!!!!

G     R     A   C    E       T  H  O  M  A  S   !!!!!!! IS COMING TO AG! 

Sadly getting another doll is NUTS!, because 6 is enough, but once her stuff is on the site we may get something from her collection at AGP L A. 

an AG wishlist post. 

Now a few Christmas Pics 

All were taken by the tablet camera
 (Note this was done with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 , and it has no flash, but it does have a "night' mode)

Silly Sarah

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

More backyard pics (sans the snow)

Sadly the above is true it only snowed once this year and I recall if mom took any pictures.


Well my mom and I will look on the bright side,

at least it isn't raining so we got some pictures of me in trees, fences ,you name it.

 That's it!
Fun fact my vest is a small dog coat and as you can see it's a bit small on me.

Merry Christmas! 

Silly Sarah