Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer Sun And Vacation Fun!!!!!!

Sarah here 
Summer's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and so we in the Crewe/my mom's house start counting down to our trip!!!!!!
In July things may move as slow as molasses at our blog.
Don't worry I'll post some trip pictures. (except I can't post info/pictures of or about  my mom's family ) 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

new release rant/comments

AG'S NEW release is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are my thoughts .you can see them all here on the American Girl Website
My AG light skin, red hair ,green eyes.

there are so many new ones , I may not be able to show them all !
theres a new "Bouquet" bedroom collection, 
new hair extension sets, a new backpack   

AG has totally revamped their pet collection .

So some of you may think "It's so cute!",
But I think that this white furball is awful compared to the earlier "Coconuts"
The pets get new beds , leashes , clothing, and all the old pets are retired and then brought back as puppies. 
And have you seen the camp outfit?
LOOK AT THIS , I mean it's not very practical . Who dresses like a  princess just to go to Summer Camp? I would never wear frilly boots, maybe hiking boots would have been a better choice. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Quietness in the dollhouse

It will be quiet on this blog until  late July

School's out !

Today me and the Crewes will be talking about THE END OF


I(Sarah) will write in pink,

 Mary will write in dark blue,

Phoebe will write in purple,

Abby will write in red,

Jess will write in gold,

And Bree will write in green

Questions will be asked in black

 What do you girls think school is like ? (don't answer if you've been there.)
ESS- Well school sounds so lovely, books as far as the I can see.

BREE- What's school ?

PHOEBE- School seems horrible! Sarah told me that all she could do was sit in mom's backpack .

What do you girls do while mom's at school?

BREE- Play with my dollies!

PHOEBE-Play games on my iPod.

ABBY-Throw a bouncy ball against the wall.

JESS-Study,study,study, and play Angry Birds on my iPad.

MARY-Do my hair and draw.

SARAH-I sit around, play with and walk  Rose (our beagle). 

All-Sometimes we explore the house, except mom usually closes 

the closet and bedroom doors.


So this ends our mini questionnaire , feel free to answer 

these questions in the comments (these are to be answered from a 

doll's perspective.)


Silly Sarah : )   Abstract Abby : ) 

Fabulous Phoebe : )  Joyful Jess : )

Bouncy Bree : )  Marvelous Mary : ) 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Updates (Dog Walking Photostory + Super Photo - Series , and new doll house )

Hey hope those of you who enjoy doll blogging notice my blog ,and when you do. SPREAD THE WORD! 
Then come back and tell via the comments (That's the only way you can message me, sorry.)


So I took tons of pictures and I ended up with more than 300 pictures. These pictures include camp themed outdoor adventures, one super series called Camp Super Girl (CSGA),one crazy dog walking photo-story and other randomness.

So on to the new room, soon I plan on posting a doll house tour (Our house is in my mom's closet)
Plus I want to show you a car I made. Yes, compared to the other things it does seem boring and I may not get to it because it is low on my priority list.
Soon my mom will be out of school so I may have more time,but until then she's got exams : P  = ( 
Typing is so hard but I just can't stop so I might as well create a long run on sentence , but now I should just stop typing : ) 

Silly Sarah = )
P.S My emotocons are highlighted in yellow.