Sunday, 22 June 2014

School's out !

Today me and the Crewes will be talking about THE END OF


I(Sarah) will write in pink,

 Mary will write in dark blue,

Phoebe will write in purple,

Abby will write in red,

Jess will write in gold,

And Bree will write in green

Questions will be asked in black

 What do you girls think school is like ? (don't answer if you've been there.)
ESS- Well school sounds so lovely, books as far as the I can see.

BREE- What's school ?

PHOEBE- School seems horrible! Sarah told me that all she could do was sit in mom's backpack .

What do you girls do while mom's at school?

BREE- Play with my dollies!

PHOEBE-Play games on my iPod.

ABBY-Throw a bouncy ball against the wall.

JESS-Study,study,study, and play Angry Birds on my iPad.

MARY-Do my hair and draw.

SARAH-I sit around, play with and walk  Rose (our beagle). 

All-Sometimes we explore the house, except mom usually closes 

the closet and bedroom doors.


So this ends our mini questionnaire , feel free to answer 

these questions in the comments (these are to be answered from a 

doll's perspective.)


Silly Sarah : )   Abstract Abby : ) 

Fabulous Phoebe : )  Joyful Jess : )

Bouncy Bree : )  Marvelous Mary : ) 

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