Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Little Bit Of History

Hey doll lovers!

Sarah here . Today I'll be telling you about my history .

This is a picture that my mom took of me .My hair  was kinda messy  . I've been at this house for less than a year, and I have been loved and played with by another girl for at least 5 years.
 I've been around since 2008 . My design was introduced in 1995  retired in 2010  . I was 7/10 different designs of JLYs .

To the left is a picture of me brand new (this picture came from American Girl Wiki ) .
According to AGW I am Just Like You 7 :) .
Also, because I am so old my legs are really wobbly , plus my hair is like straw!

Plus , if anyone ever finds this blog please comment to let me know you visited it .


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