Saturday, 29 March 2014

Crazy News!(At least for Harry Potter / LEGO fans!)

My mom found 2 LEGO Mini Knight Buses at a garage sale!!!!!!!!!!
She got them at a garage sale for 50 cents each.
According to http://www.chowrentoys.com/servlet/the-1200/LEGO-Harry-Potter-4695/Detail these micro scale LEGO buses are  worth almost 50 dollars each .
Harry Potter Wiki says that this purple triple-decker is used to transport wizards around the the wizarding community.
Here are some pictures .(Mine didn't come with instructions or the package.)

P.S. My mom has TWO of these , don't mean to brag . (I until she looked it up on the internet my mother had no idea what these were or what they were worth.) And she plans on selling at least one of them!

Silly Sarah

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