Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Visit to AGPBC

AG Van stands for American Girl Place Vancouver (in Canada's Vancouver Chapters at 788 Robson Street ).

Yeah I went there !MP=Mini Photo story  (1 pic)

Today I will post what I saw and maybe what I bought there.

This is awkward, I mean I standing next to a doll in her underwear!

(Yeah I'm so sorry she got picked to be 

displayed in her cami and briefs )

Me- sweet horse!

Horse girl-Yeah her name is Carmel

Horse-Who is this stranger on my back?!

SK8ER Girl (SK8ER=Skater)

Sk8er Girl-Woah!

Me- don't worry I got ya 

Sk8er Girl- Thanks 

Me- Love the hair!,how do you keep it so nice?

Sk8er Girl- (scratches head) I don't know.

Me- Nice meeting you my names Sarah.

Sk8er Girl-My name's Peyton , Bye!

I MET ISABELLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Her top is a bit inappropriate for casual wear.)

The Birthday Party 
Sonali and Ivy-HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA! (Amanda is the 
doll who is sitting down.) 

Me- Hey can I join your party girls?

Amanda- Did you bring a present?!

Me- No,but none of us brought presents.


Me- Maybe I should leave, you know because I didn't exactly come prepared for a party.



Sonali-It was nice to meet you.

Ivy- What's your name?

Me-Sarah Lee Crewe.

Amanda-Sorry I yelled at you, Sarah

Amanda,Sonali and Ivy- Bye Sarah!

This me trying to look like the other My AGs(I am in the middle of the bottom row)  

Sorry you can't see their numbers, but you can easily see that the dolls cost $125.

So that was my trip to AGPBC.

These stories did not actually happen, but they were inspired by the sets and dolls in AGP.

Silly Sarah


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