Friday, 29 August 2014

Be Forever Wishlist/thoughts

Okay here is my  BF wishlist 

Samantha's collection-

Well I don't really want any thing from Sam's collection,except

Her mini doll!!!!!!!

(She almost looks like me and my mom!)

To me Sam represents Spring,because her dress looks like a freshly picked rose

Kaya's collection-

Her collection is interesting.....

Kaya represents Fall,because  her outfit is brown and there are 

Natives in the Thanksgiving story 

Julie's Collection-

 Some have said that her hair is too long, but I think it is perfect!

Julie represents Summer, because her outfit is so colorful and she looks like she wants to disco party all Summer long. 

 Addy's collection-


Addy represents Winter(specifically Christmas),because she looks like she is dressed to go to a Christmas party. 

In conclusion it's obvious that all I want from Be Forever is their mini dolls! 

They are so cute and I REALLY want to compare them to my soft body mini Isabelle. 

PS- What does this remind you of?

Yep it's Cecile's Crinoline and chemise ON Addy!!!!!!

Plus I wish they had those Meet outfit inspired outfits for girls in doll size!!!!!! 
 Just think these are lovely outfits.
 But for older collectors who want quality doll clothes. (Or those who can't fit them.)
These ones are so cute!!!!!!(The 3 above are Sam's, Kaya's, and Addy's meet outfit inspired girl clothes.) 

Please comment YOUR thoughts on any of the topics in this post.

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