Sunday, 23 February 2014

Snow Day Frozen Style

IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah AND Phoebe here. I ( Sarah )am writing in red , and I ( Phoebe) am writing in blue.

Here are some pictures of us before we went out into the freezing cold. 

Oh please! You were only cold because you were not all wrapped up in a trench coat like I was.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS POST CONTAINS A REENACTMENT OF PART OF 2 IMPORTANT SCENES IN FROZEN.(So if you haven't seen it then maybe you should skip this post,but come back, or keep reading if you don't mind spoilers.) 

 Here I am , all dressed up .
My mom tried to make me look like Anna from FROZEN.
The coat , mittens, and scarf are from a set that also came with purple fabric boots.
My hat is a sock with a knot in it , and my mom got the cowboy style boots from a friend of her's.
My mom also did my hair in to simple braids.

 Here I am, all dressed in my Elsa inspired outfit.
I am unsure of how mom acquired my coat but it is very pretty.
My shoes and dress are part of my meet outfit.
My mother braided my long beautiful hair to resemble Elsa's hair style.

 Here we are standing in the snow .   It was cool (he he :) )  ,and I 'm glad we didn't fall over.

 ANNA: You kinda set off an eternal winter. ELSA: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?(She freezes Anna's heart by mistake)
ANNA : (lay on ground ) ELSA: What have I done !?
This the scene where Anna(Sarah) tells Elsa that she set off an eternal winter, and Elsa (me ) freaks out and freezes her heart by mistake, and she drops to the ground . P.S-She's not dead.
The ground was really wet! ,and laying on a snow covered  patio is not comfortable!  
And Elsa's ice magic is added to the photo using a computer program called paint.

This is  me and Elsa hugging  and when they find out that only love can melt a frozen heart. 

 And finally here we are having a sisterly  snowball fight.

Silly Sarah :)
Fashionable  Phoebe : )

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